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Jerome Glenn, Leading Futurist, CEO & Co-Founder, The Millennium Project

“If you don’t think it’s possible, you won’t try. And what is possible is being changed more rapidly than what people realise. When someone says “Impossible!”, don’t let them get in the way. What great contributions have pessimists made anyway?” Jerome Glenn

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
01:45 A boomerang stuntman
03:17 Banning the first space weapon
05:23 Futures Research
07:57 The Millennium Project
10:55 3 Forms of AI
20:52 Can AI free humans?
29:20 A self-actualized economy!
37:34 Actions for a better future

48:32 Women bring better results!
51:00 Mystics & Technocrats
58:34 Your brain vs your heart
1:03:49 A cherished success
1:07:20 Preparation is critical
1:07:49 State of the Future Index Report
1:10:12 The “impossible” is possible

Jerome Glenn – BIO

Jerome Glenn is the co-founder and CEO of The Millennium Project, focusing on global futures research and he lead author of 19 State of the Future reports. He has over 40 years of Futures Research experience and hasaddressed or keynoted over 300 conferences around the world. Glenn created CARINET in 1983 as the leading computer network in the developing world. He has been an independent consultant for the World Bank and several governments and corporations.

Jerome invented the “Futures Wheel” — a futures assessment technique, and numerous futures conceptsSaturday Review named him among the most unusually gifted leaders of America for his pioneering work in Tropical Medicine, Future-Oriented Education, and Participatory Decision-Making Systems in 1974. He was instrumental in naming the first Space Shuttle the Enterprise and banning the first space weapon. Hes published over 100 future-oriented articles, is the co-editor of Futures Research Methodology , author of Future Mind; Linking the Future; and co-author of Space Trek: The Endless Migration and he’s a leading boomerang stunt man.

Episode Description

Every one of us has a role to play in shaping a fulfilling future. Jerome Glenn has devoted his life to Futures Research and facilitates conversations of leading minds and hubs of brilliant futuristic thinkers across the globe, to try to predict outcomes so that we can better prepare for the future. He highlights some very scary stuff facing us with the three phases of AI that will change the world forever, yet refuses to give in to pessimists and naysayers, and embraces the reality of our technological progress, believing that whatever we dream of creating is indeed possible.

The Covid pandemic has created a transition phase and global time-out for humanity, turning conversations around the world to rethinking the state of the world. He refers to the 100 points of action listed in Millennium Project’s, Work/Technology 2050 Report in five main arenas: Government, Business, Technology, Academia and the Arts. In each arena there is opportunity for us to find our niche and actively participate in creating our future.

It’s not all doom and gloom, according to Jerome, who looks at the future with curiosity, excitement and optimism. Through strategic collaboration, cooperation and with women playing a significant role in leadership, he envisages a world where extreme poverty is mostly eradicated, and governments are creating robust policies to manage and resolve the extensive threats posed by our own progress to better serve the greater good.

What can we do to play our part as entrepreneurs and leading business minds in the world? Tune in for some thought-provoking insights in this BwB TV episode with Jerome’s on the State of the Future!

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