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Most entrepreneurs I’ve met are technically competent, hardworking, fully committed and passionate, yet not as successful as they’d like to be or could be! Why is this? 

Like most people, I grew up believing life is hard, and success is for the privileged few. But a profound experience changed everything for me when I was 13. It opened my eyes and my mind to the world of infinite possibility, and on that day, I made the switch in my mind from struggle to success. I was determined my family history of financial struggle was not going to be my fate. 

After completing my Honours Degree, I landed my first job in the blue-chip world of business, but very quickly realized that contrary to what I’d been led to believe, qualifications and hard work alone weren’t enough to be a wild success. I felt duped!


My Average Doesn’t Do-it (A.D.D) trait led to the discovery of the real drivers of success

My A.D.D trait led to a passionate quest to find answers and discover what the real drivers to business success are, and the barriers that hold us back from achieving the success we desire. Many people I spoke to listed external factors as the barriers to success, like; limited access to financial resources, tough family circumstances, economic slumps, political turmoil, bad luck, tough competition etc. 

Intuitively I knew these external factors were inconveniences faced by every business, and at times even excuses for failure…so what was I missing? Over the last two decades, my research and hands-on experience in the fields of high-performance, business success and human behaviour, which involved plenty of trial and error, tough lessons, epic failures, as well as big breakthroughs, brought to light many surprising answers and profound insights, and revealed intriguing patterns that pointed to the real drivers of, and barriers to success.

These discoveries have been a game changer for me in my own businesses, and for the hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives I’ve coached through the years. When the penny drops, it’s hard NOT to become unstoppable!


One of the GREATEST BARRIERS to success is operating from a place of LIMITATION

Societal assumptions, personal setbacks, failures, disappointments, media etc. tend to teach us to operate from a place of ‘limitation’ or what I call reductionist thinking!  

We’ve learnt to zoom in on the gaps, weaknesses, what we can’t do, what we shouldn’t do etc. so much so that we start operating from within those limits and eventually internalize them. 

Instead of seeing our full potential, how illimitable we are, and the world of possibility before us, we become enslaved by the fear of failing or exposing our weaknesses. 

Every time I met a new client, whether an executive or entrepreneur, the same thing turned up … I saw their unlimited potential and the WARRIOR within, they highlighted their limitations.


These inner limits or internal barriers to success show up in the form of:

  • Frustration and self-criticism of not being further ahead 
  • Low confidence, insecurity, lack of self-belief & self-doubt
  • Risk aversion, over analysis 
  • Fear of not being good enough & incessant questioning of self  
  • Fear of loss, fear or incessant worry about finances or money matters, fear of the enormity of one’s mission or responsibilities, fear of failure, fear of success
  • Feeling of not being in control
  • Distraction & overwhelm 
  • Indecisiveness and the resultant inaction
  • Difficulty moving on and or making changes
  • Lack of clarity, focus
  • Lack of meaning, purpose
  • Fear of speaking up 
  • Difficulty forming relationships
  • Procrastination, inner resistance with certain activities 
  • Etc.

Inner limits or internal barriers left unresolved can translate into:
Stagnation, heightened stress, states of depression and anxiety, actual realization of losses, disappointments, failures, wasted talent, lost time, lost opportunities, unfulfillment, poor relationships, playing small, unmet goals, unrealized dreams and surviving not loving life and thriving.


What a TRAGEDY, it does not have to be this way

So, what’s the secret to being UNLIMITED, UNSTOPPABLE and an UNDENIABLE SUCCESS?

Business success has much less to do with external factors we can’t control, and so much to do with internal factors we have total control over. Simply put, our success is driven or hindered by:

  1. How we think about ourselves, 
  2. How we think about our business,
  3. How we think about the world around us,
  4. How we think about the future,

How we THINK determines what DECISIONS we make, which determine what ACTIONS we take (or don’t take), and our actions determine the OUTCOMES we realise. As a general rule when outcomes are undesirable or aren’t ideal, this points to a flaw in our actions, which points to a flaw in our decision-making processes, which points to a flaw in our thinking. 

External challenges aren’t the cause of our disappointments, failures, inertia and unrealised dreams, it’s how we respond to those challenges that determines whether we succeed, stagnate, or fail.

To change outcomes from incremental growth or even stagnation, to wild, ongoing success, you need to become UNSTOPPABLE empowered with tools to be resilient no matter how tough the challenges; and UNLIMITED in the way you think… about yourself, your business, the world around you, and the future so that you can continuously create innovative solutions that adds the greatest value and in turn receive immeasurable value.

Let’s explore how I can support you in being an undeniable success… BOOK a no strings attached, DISCOVERY CALL with me and let’s  figure out how we can get you there in the shortest time possible while clocking up wins along the way.   

To Your Wildest Success
Carmen Wilde