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David Riklan, Founder The Joint Venture Directory

The goal is a triple win, you’re supporting me, I’m supporting you, it’s a win-win for the two of us, but we also want our audience and our customers to win.

David Riklan

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Welcome
01:15 Widespread Impact
02:24 Value Exchange
06:17 No Single Cure
11:13 10 Commandments of Self Improvement
20:45 Power of Vision
27:00 Triple Win Joint Ventures

34:34 The JV Directory
41:56 Oppressor & Oppressed
46:52 Build Better Business
48:04 Collaboration Over Separation
49:23 Working Together

David Riklan – BIO

David Riklan is the founder of, one of the top Self Improvement websites on the Internet, receiving over 100 Million unique visitors since it was created. He is also the co-founder of the Joint Venture Directory, a top resource for finding Joint Ventures, affiliates and partnerships in the Self Improvement Industry.

He is an author, coach and speaker, publishing over 10 books on Self Improvement, Health, Marketing and Sales. Two of his more recent books, Mastering the World of Selling and Mastering the World of Marketing were published through one of the top publishing companies in the world, John Wiley & Sons.

Episode Description

In a highly competed digital world how do you scale business reach and revenue? David points out the merits of effective Joint Ventures and how the JV Directory helps you achieve a magical triple win and shares proven tips on attracting traffic, building a client list and creating your own powerful presence.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to success, and everyone needs different solutions. David introduces you to which has attracted over 100 million unique visitors, adding value through 400,000 resources. He shares the 10 commandments / tenets of self-improvement to help you be top of your game and reach for the next level of success and what you need to be prepared to do if things aren’t going according to plan. Through his story of how he hit a massive roadblock, we get to see the 10 tenets of self-improvement in action and how one in particular helped him transcend this devastating incident.

Touching on what’s hurting our world and what we need to do instead, David says that there is no cure-all in life but you can navigate the challenges easier with the right people at your side. David has achieved multiple successes by choosing collaboration over competition, which he believes will be the true game changer for humanity.

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