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Jacquie Jordan, CEO TV Guestpert

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Jacquie Jordan

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Welcome
01:27 Glass Ceiling
03:32 Recovering Overachiever
11:10 Creating Celebrities
13:55  TV Credibility
16:03 Timing is Critical
19:31 Unique Angles Crush It
24:17 Feeding The TV Beast
27:00 Social Media Dependency
29:54 Untruths Revealed

35:29 Question What You Hear
38:32 Understand My Enemy
39:45 Being Shut Down
40:49 Diverse Expression Is Critical
42:12 Sinister Dynamic
45:00 Healthy Detachment
50:12 Collective Volume Of Wisdom
52:48 Taking Our Power Back
53:20 Stable Girl Workout

Jacquie Jordan – BIO

Jacquie Jordan is the founder of TVGuestpert, TVGuestpert Publishing and TVGuestpert is a media development company that raises the profile of the Guestpert in the media and grows their client’s core business.  Jacquie has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. Known for her ability to find the heart of any story, Jacquie garnered her second Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Show on Donny & Marie (Sony Pictures Television).

Celebrity guests produced by Jacquie include Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Peter Jackson, George Clooney and Dustin Hoffman. She’s a published author of, The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers; Get on TV! The Insider’s Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself! and Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner.

She’s been featured in numerous publications and Jacquie’s appearances include Fox Reality, Good Day New York, Fox, ABC Family, CBS’s Big Shot Live, TV Guide Channel, CBS Evening News, FX and countless radio shows.  She currently resides in Los Angeles spending her free time practicing yoga and raising awareness around animal neglect.

Sometimes the worst thing that’s ever happens to you turns out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. And the flip side is sometimes the best thing’s that happen to you are not in your best interest in the long run.

Jacquie Jordan

Episode Description

How do you rapidly gain massive exposure and dramatically grow your business? Jacquie Jordan has a knack for turning unknown business leaders into TV celebrities through the right messaging and unique angles producers want. Capitalising on the insatiable appetite of the TV animal means infinite opportunity for business exposure. They’re always hungry for great content and great guests and that could be YOU.

Appearing on TV creates credibility, catapulting awareness of you and your brand into the stratosphere, so well worth considering as a major part of your marketing strategy.

Content is disposable and timing is crucial. Jacquie ensures that you hit the sweet spot at the right time so that your message is not old news. She listens out for what her clients value and how she can help them succeed despite the narrative that’s been fed to us in the media. Jacquie’s game is helping her clients navigate that tricky and somewhat intimidating media dance while participating in the message that gets heard

Before starting TVGuestpert, Jacquie had all the trappings of success, an office overlooking Time Square, and having worked with big names from Steven Spielberg to Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, to name a few, her career had hit a glass ceiling. Jacquie took a leap of faith and made the drastic decision to start her own business. She now reaps the rewards of her incredible success and shares with us all the diversity and fun things she’s doing while running TVGuestpert.

Given how social media platforms can go down overnight, Jacquie believes we should consider keeping some traditional ways of doing business alive and avoid the risk of total digital dependence.

A lot of clients who previously wanted to be famous are now aiming to make meaningful impact, to share wisdom or follow the calling within. The world has changed. Despite there being a dark soul of the night collective in the media right now, Jacquie feels that this will change, that a realignment is imminent but that it’s up to us to bring about more autonomy and reclaim our sovereignty.

We need to be alert, question things, not be sucked in by the tricky narratives of the day. She sees through the game and helps you play it to your advantage.

She finds that balance between the glamour girl celebrity life to delightfully shovelling shit as a stable girl staying fit and happier than she’s ever been. She has delicious diversity, she’s making a difference and loving her successful and fulfilling life. Her energy is infectious!

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