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Nina Venturella, Chief Creative Strategist

 Let’s wake up, let’s shake up our gifts and our talents and our abilities, and let’s go to work and really make the world a better place to live.

Nina Venturella

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Zero To Hero
01:06 Your Blue Ocean
01:50 What Is Your Oil?
14:46 Assignment Or Calling?
16:51 Battle Scars
19:40 7 Figure Guarantee
27:56 Community & Unity
32:00 Change Your Story

33:31 What’s Your Eulogy?
37:07 Market Disruptions
40:55 Creating Alignment
45:17 Work your calling
47:26 Divisiveness Destroys
48:13 Making A BIG Difference
50:11 The Ultimate Change

Nina Venturella – BIO

Nina is a Chief Creative Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur, renowned for taking people from zero to hero. She’s innovated and created many proprietary processes that has gone viral and become household names. She’s the creator of the X’Tract Technique that gets miraculous results and One Box Fits All. She has an extensive background in franchising, coaching and writing and is the author of the book, Unveiled Truth. She is featured in some of the most prominent magazines including Americas Best Coaches, Yahoo finance and

Episode Description

What is the secret to fulfilling success and financial freedom elusive to so many? The answer to this question is beautifully wrapped up in this deeply insightful interview with Nina Venturella where she shares her passion for helping you find “Your Blue Ocean.” If what you’re doing feels like hell on earth, it may be time to Xtract yourself and make a change. The good news is that it’s never too late.

Through her compelling story she shows how asking tough questions and having the courage to face the answers made the ultimate difference for her in her illustrious career. At Embark, Nina and her partners offer a program that guarantees clients 7 figure revenues within 18 months, a real game changer but there’s a distinct difference between those who make it and those who don’t. “What is your oil?”, she asks and helps you grasp the magnitude of the importance of your own gifts and aligning to your unique calling. Life has a way of showing you the puzzle pieces critical to you determining whether you’re working your calling or working in an assignment… a distinct difference between that leads to starkly different outcomes.

She cautions against getting caught up in your own headspace and the lies we tell ourselves that can steer us away from where we ought to be and what you can do to remain true to self. She is concerned that humanity is divided on many levels and points the way to creating a different world. In her effort to remain aligned to the BIG difference she is determined to make, she shares her own eulogy which inspires her every day to think and act in congruence with her calling. This interview is a poignant reminder of how limited our time is here on earth and how critical it is that we make every moment count by loving what we do and being part of the change, we want to see.

 Discover what makes you unique, where your blue ocean is. What is it that you do that no one else does?

Nina Venturella

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