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Dr Kim Solez, Pathologist, Professor & Futurist

 We all have agency to help move things in a positive direction so the world of the future is much better than the world of today.

Kim Solez

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 75 Going On 18
01:53 Personality Can Change
04:26 No Upper Bounds To Thinking
06:42 The Quest For Agency
10:11 Overcoming Opposing Forces
15:01 Influencing Big Entities
24:25 The Future With Sentient Machines
32:43 Future Standard

43:16 A Life Without Precedent
48:31 Embrace Complexity
52:20 Truth & Solitude
56:23 Post Scarcity Society
59:52 Einstein The Robotic Dog
1:01:40 A More Beautiful Life
1:04:12 You’re Not Past Your Prime

Dr Kim Solez – BIO

Kim Solez has combined his love for science and art through his work as an entrepreneur at numerous companies, including his current one – Just Machines, which explores the effects of rapidly improving technology and AI in the field of medicine – plus as Professor of Pathology at University of Alberta. Kim is an American pathologist and co-founder of the Banff Classification, the first standardized international classification for renal allograft biopsies. He is also the founder of the Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology. Kim started the ISN Disaster Relief Task Force, a worldwide network of experts “to provide essential medical care to people in the wake of natural disasters”. In 1997, Solez worked to end the mysterious Haitian diethylene glycol poisonings, where the contaminated production of cough syrup lead to acute renal failure in 109 Haitian children. In 2002, Kim founded Leonard Cohen Night. Kim has led the University of Alberta’s involvement in the creation and further development of a unique medical school in Nepal devoted to rural health Patan Academy of Health Sciences.

 Being confident that the best part of my life is always in the future, makes my body less able to embrace some permanent disability.

Kim Solez

Episode Description

Described as “Serially Surreal” by the great singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen…and fondly referred to as “surprising,” Kim Solez believes life is just starting out at 75. He does not buy into old age and believes our prime is always in the future. Often accused of his ideas being too big, Kim meets the naysayers with good humour and patience as he endeavours to solve 6 of the world’s biggest problems while embracing complexity.  He believes it’s not unreasonable to think about saving the world when we use our agency to move things in a positive direction and see that there’s no upper bound of how big we can think! He shares how we can overcome strong opposing forces when tackling tough challenges and the quality that influences big entities.

Kim asks the wildest and sometimes uncomfortable questions about the future, revealing some profound possibilities where the human race and AI efficiently coexist. “We can shape a future where sentient machines and humans work together to create a better world.” says Kim as he explores the immense benefits of this future world and how he sees people making more intelligent use of their time as a result. To Kim playing in two worlds’ concurrently is essential to our future success.

He busts myths and crosses divides with infectious optimism, teenage wonder and fierce intellect, believing that nothing, not even personality, is fixed and talks about 2 invaluable principles to live by to experience an extraordinary life. For Kim it’s not inconceivable to realise a positive, amazing world in the long-range future. To him the beauty we have is not as good as it gets but can be even more interesting and beautiful than it is today.

Kim ignites a flame of hope and shows what’s possible when you don’t follow the precedent!

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 I realized there’s no upper bound as to how big you can think and how positive the world and the universe could be.

Kim Solez

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