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Andy Jacob, Founder & CEO, The Jacob Group

 In this day and age, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to lose everything you have.

Andy Jacob

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Business Innovator
01:18 Medicine Cabinet Principle
05:46 Key To Great Business
10:23 The 10X Paradox
13:43 Explosive Growth
18:46 Simplify & Streamline
22:28 Art of Closing the Deal

28:05 Embrace The Potholes
31:14 Guaranteed Results
37:43 Confidence In Your Client
42:17 Power of Technology
46:51 Corporate Culture Counts
50:36 Stop The Blame Game
51:40 More Connectivity, Less Negativity

Andy Jacob – BIO

Founder and CEO of The Jacob Group. Andy brings more than 30 years of executive sales experience founding and leading startups and high growth companies and is an award-winning business innovator and sales visionary. Andy’s unique approach to sales strategy has helped revolutionize many businesses, and his own companies have produced thousands of jobs, helped thousands of people, and made hundreds of millions in revenue throughout his 30-year career as a business leader.

He’s the only strategist in the world that guarantees your results and his straightforward, no-nonsense approach has been lauded by CEO’s and Founders throughout America. Jacob has been a guest financial expert on CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Warner, and Bloomberg, has been covered by The Wall Street Journal and has been an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winner. Jacob is turning the billion-dollar sales advisory industry upside down with his Virtual Sales Growth Mastery practice which is focused on helping companies increase their revenue by 10X.

Jacob is the author of the online “Beautiful Start-Up Quiz”, and an active investor, business owner, and entrepreneur. Andy’s favorite accomplishment is being a founding supporter and executive board member of The Friendship Circle. Andy and his wife, Kristin, are also supporters of numerous animal charities.

Episode Description

Doubling your business growth doesn’t cut it! Andy Jacob’s larger-than-life energy and expertise shakes up thinking around what it takes to succeed in a decade of disruption. So, exactly what gasoline do you need to pour onto your business to explode your business in a powerful, positive way? The all-important Medicine Cabinet Principle will change the way you look at the world and equip you with one of the winning recipes every CEO should possess.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll lose everything!” In making such a bold statement, Andy helps you realise how extensively the business game has changed and what you need to do differently to light that bonfire of success. He shares an amusing story of what he learned from a man in a chairlift about closing a deal and talks to the key questions you should be asking yourself as an entrepreneur to dramatically explode results.

Andy also discusses the importance of simplification which is critical when it comes to customer relations to make that business transaction quick and easy to conclude.

It takes a highly skilled and bold strategist to guarantee results and Andy shares the qualities he looks for in entrepreneurs when he is considering them as clients, and why embracing potholes as challenges is a crucial attitude they must possess if he is to help them 10X business growth. If they can acknowledge their challenges, that’s a sign to Andy of someone who is willing to grow, and the possibilities are wide open for success.

He also shows you that it’s not your technology, platform, sales, system, or check-out process that is your starting point as an entrepreneur and takes you through what is. Andy believes that entrepreneurs are the lamplighters and that if we tap into our brilliance, ask different questions and are not afraid of failure, we can light up the world together.

 If you don’t have potholes in the road and you don’t have mountains to climb and you don’t stumble and skin your knees, you’re just not pushing hard enough.

Andy Jacob

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