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Jim Padilla, Sales & Launch Expert

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
01:22 It’s NOT About Sales
02:47 Gaining a Sales Edge
05:19 Bad Assery Sales Philosophy
11:20 Understand Your Impact
13:28 You Don’t Have To Fake It
18:10 Stop Trying To Be Liked
22:52 No Sales Script Required

25:43 Nothing Can Replace YOU
31:03 Crush Sales
38:25 Use Your Power For Good
43:17 Step Into Your Purpose
47:10 Technology Vigilance
49:27 Be Compelling, Clear, Confident
51:05 Give Yourself Permission

Jim Padilla – BIO

Jim Padilla is a Master Sales Trainer, an Expert Team Builder and a Launch Expert. With more than 20 years experience in building teams and leading them to success Jim has a solid track record of achieving results! He’s the co-founder of Gain the Edge, providing Done-For-You sales teams & launch systems, to help their clients generate 7-figure launches and sustainable sales strategies. Having shared the stage with Jay Abraham and Les Brown, Jim brings an exceptional level of experience and talent to the world of sales. Jim’s God given talent and nature allow him to inspire his team and partners to achieve their full potential.

Episode Description

Conventional insights on selling are challenged in this interview by global sales and launch expert, Jim Padilla. His converse approach to sales is rooted in authenticity and integrity and cutting out the BS to help his clients reach their mountain top!

On the one hand Jim warns that selling products is the fastest way to go out of business, on the other hand he shares the harsh reality that if you cannot sell, you will always be at the mercy of someone who can and will always work for someone else. So, how do you crush it in sales? For Jim, it’s all about your ‘Bad Assery’ … a very different approach to sales scripts, spinning magic and tactics. As Jim says, everyone has sales tactics, this doesn’t change the game!

For Jim, you don’t have to be brilliant, you have to be resilient, you don’t have to fake it, you have to drink your own kool-aid and live in your truth. This is a divergent philosophy on selling that has helped Jim and his teamcreate premier partnerships and generate 9 figures worth of sales for their clients.

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