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Pablo Gonzalez, Chief Executive Connector

“People bond, connect with and do business with people who understand them not people they understand. If you allow the receptor of the message to see themselves in the message, it’s more likely to land.” Pablo Gonzalez

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
01:49 The Cat Burglar
03:23 Negative North Star
09:20 Seek Your Superpower
13:41 Latino Leader Of The Future
16:00 The Least Kind Voice

17:36 A Non-Negotiable To Succeed!
24:11 Business Is Relationships
28:50 The Relationship Flywheel
39:21 Messages That Land
48:12 Criticality Of Relationships
51:44 Message To The World

Pablo Gonzalez – BIO

Pablo Gonzalez is the inventor of the Relationship Flywheel, host of the Chief Executive Connector podcast and Not Your Average Investor Show, and Co-Founder of a marketing agency that turns clients into community and community into your greatest business development asset. He’s obsessed with human connection, and he’s used his expertise to grow non-profits, sell $60M+ construction projects, rescue fledgling start-ups, set record breaking quarters for $100M+ companies, and be named a Latino Leader of the Future and a Top 20 Under 40 various publications. More than anything, he’s dying to be your friend.

Episode Description

In a digital world where everyone has access to a megaphone… metaphorically speaking, business communication can no longer be boring, one-sided or transactional. In this BwB Tv interview Pablo Gonzalez shares the crucial difference between scaling communications and scaling relationships…and why the latter is essential to adding real value long term.

It’s no longer enough to just push out more content into the world. To be heard above the noise requires three crucial elements, and when done with authenticity and a specific target market in mind it not only creates an edge but a powerful ripple effect of value. Pablo shares the ideal ratio in terms of the kind of content we should share and the secret to getting influencers in your corner. Obsessed with human connection, Pablo passionately shares with us how to build a thriving business that lasts.

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