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Richie Kendall, Goodworld Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

“If we can stay focused on what kind of world we want to see, what kind of movements we want to build, concessions and compromises we can make in order to see that world through, we can make it all worthwhile.” Richie Kendall

Topics Covered In This Episode

0:00 Intro
3:27 Studio Artist At 5
6:37 Profound Impact At 6
9:56 Cheerful Giving
14:49 A World Powered By Generosity
17:34 Power To The Individual
20:33 Revolutionizing Philanthropy
26:58 G-Force Fundraising

31:09 Vetted By Charity Watchdog
32:50 Touching ‘Giveback’ Stories
36:25 Bringing The “Human” Into The Machine
44:46 2 Tips To Inspire Creativity
47:28 Making The World A Better Place
49:24 Most Cherished Success
51:44 Message To The World

Richie Kendall – BIO

Richie Kendall was the co-founder and CEO of Cheerful Giving, a company that revolutionized philanthropy with technology. Cheerful Giving was acquired by Goodworld in 2019 and the platform has grown to power the social impact initiatives of many of the world largest companies and leading nonprofits. Richie now leads Goodworld’s product and business growth efforts with a specialty in brand elevation and vertical innovation. Richie has more than 10+ years experience in tech, B2B Sales, UX design, film/media, identity and storytelling, and worked with industry-leading brands including Mastercard, Forever21, Canon, New Belgium, Pentax and more and has collaborated with some of the nation’s leading advertising agencies.

He envisions a world powered by generosity, collaboration and compassion where CSR, Influencer Marketing and Next Generation Philanthropy collide.

Episode Description

A world powered by generosity, collaboration and compassion is what Richie Kendall and his partners from Goodworld envision. Their innovative services are revolutionizing philanthropy, making real impact easy and fun.

Inspired by the memory of his father who died on a Christmas Eve when Richie was only 6 years old…he developed the desire to have a profound impact in the precious time we’re given. His deep curiosity on how to design the world in fulfilling ways has fueled his creativity and led to award winning philanthropic services. He shares two practical insights to tap into our own creativity. As a storyteller with many years’ experience in the film industry, Richie helps NGOs tell their story to grow movement momentum around causes that matter.

The Goodworld team is passionate about innovating responsibly by bringing the human into the machine ensuring ethics and human qualities are at the fore of all their products and services. They’ve taken Philanthropy to new heights enabling you to spread even more love by creating a collective experience that’s joyful, meaningful and memorable!

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