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Onyi Anyado, Global Leadership Speaker and Corporate Trainer

“If average is a poison, distinction is the remedy.” Onyi Anyado

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
02:15 My Happiest Memory
03:34 Era Of Creative Distinction
05:58 Average Is A Poison
08:01 Fed Up With Street Life
14:04 Detention To Distinction
17:52 Every Commander Goes To War
22:00 Through Pain, Integrity Was Born
26:07 What Grips People In Fear?
28:30 No Room For Competition!

31:38 GTP Concept
37:49 Excellence Cannot Lie
40:58 Discipline, Dedication And Discernment
43:25 Hitting The Target
47:13 Preparing For The Future
51:23 Most Cherished Successes
53:50 Getting Off The Fence!
55:20 Raising The Bar
56:25 Message To The World

Onyi Anyado – BIO

Onyi Anyado is a UK based Global Leadership Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Futurist. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi trains and coaches leaders and organisations around the world on how to lead with their distinction in the 2020’s and beyond. Onyi’s legacy is titled “From Detention to Distinction” and is living proof that no matter what circumstances you were born into, you can break through the barriers and in turn become a leader of distinction.

Episode Description

The world is looking for individuals and organizations who are bringing something new to the table, something cutting edge, something creative, something that’s never been seen or heard before or something that has been seen before but with your own creative signature. Onyi Anyado walks us through a clear and insightful process of bringing that unique angle by becoming a leader of Distinction. Fed up with street life as a young man who had no clear direction and income, he chose to transition from detention to distinction, the life he knew he was destined for as author, international speaker and coach. Believing that there’s no competition except with himself, he encourages us to dig deep within ourselves by using what he refers to as the GTP concept, to create strategic contributions in a world market which is becoming more value-driven in every respect.

Oozing with insightful quotes and humor encapsulating his hard-won wisdom, Onyi is a fountain of inspiration who helps us jump off the fence we may be sitting on and find perspective in the face of our fears, manage them and succeed in spite of them. Onyi compels us to harness our own unique gifts and unleash them on the world with distinction because in doing this, the market will present itself to us.

E-Book: Doorway to Distinction

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