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Hazel Herrington, CEO, Multiple Global Award Winner & Gender Equality Advocate      

“When you’re walking in your Purpose, you will find the greatest fulfillment through doing what you were born to do!” Hazel Herrington

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
01:42 Fishing for Fun
03:40 Life is like a box of Smarties!
05:28 Stop online bullying
08:43 Magic of a Mentor
11:32 Mel Gibson Interview
13:19 Charlie Sheen Interview
16:08 Real men support gender equality!
17:54 Creating platforms for each other.

20:18 3 Foundations for successful business
23:00 4 Stages of Personal Brand Building
29:05 Know who you are!
33:07 Creating Herrington Publications Worldwide
36:49 Most Cherished Success
45:26 A Season for Everything.
51:46 Message to the World

Hazel Herrington – BIO

Hazel Herrington is the Founder & CEO of Herrington Publications Worldwide & Certified & Authorised Publisher of the US Presidential Service Center, Business Coach & Marketing and Branding Authority. She’s a Multiple Global Award Winner, a Humanitarian whose enlightened thousands of women and youth to become self-sufficient through her charity, Destiny Arise, Celebrity Interviewer…Charlie Sheen & Mel Gibson are just some of the big names she’s interviewed, a sought-after keynote Speaker, she’s shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, George Ross & Steve Wozniak. Hazel earned an Honorary Doctorate due to her influencing passion and striving determination as an advocate for cultural change and fairness.

Episode Description

The road to success can be tough, yet despite the bullies and nay-sayers, Hazel Herrington built a prominent personal brand. In this BwB Tv episode, Hazel shares how she conquered the tough challenges on her journey to success. From interviewing celebs like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen to playing ona global stage as a woman of true substance and vision, her determination to uncover and address the tough issues surrounding gender equality in the workplace is a calling she passionately pursues!

She lays out her 3 foundations for successful business along with the 4 stages of building your personal brand and explains the importance of growing your credibility in an authentic way. Speaking from some horrifying experiences, she warns of online bullying and insists that a mentor who is serious about seeing you succeed, is essential. Hazel is a multi-layered inspiration who has made important inroads in communities in Zimbabwe, her country of birth, where the plight of impoverished and vulnerable girl children inspires her to make a meaningful difference through education. She carries the stories of these girl children deep inside her heart as they inspire her to leave a powerful legacy which her own children can be proud of. She mobilises others with a call to action and is a sterling example for us to follow.

Her community projects contribute to her unstoppable drive to expand her vision for Herrington Publications Worldwide and grow her impact internationally as a strong female entrepreneur with a voice that will be heard.Surprisingly, this elegant entrepreneur’s downtime finds her relaxing on a boat while fishing with her daughter on the mighty Zambezi River in Africa. She reflects that there is a season for everything and uses her insights and life lessons to add value to her international community. Hazel believes that when you’re walking in your Purpose, you will find the greatest fulfillment through doing what you were born to do!

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