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The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations Co-Author, Briana Greenspan

“I feel like my illness to wellness journey is my greatest success, It really shaped me through learning about how I can be my strongest self each and every day.” Briana Greenspan

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
02:07 Beautiful Dance Of Nature
04:15 Most Cherished Success
07:45 It Hurt To Be Alive
13:47 An Angelic Catalyst!
22:10 Show Up Differently In Your Morning
31:05 Not Owning Labels!

36:12 Create An Upward Spiral!
41:26 Mornings Start With Me!
47:25 Power Of Internal Narratives
52:45 Turning Lessons Into Blessings
57:02 Unmasking & Unmuting Myself
1:02:19 Savers & Charms
1:07:09 Message To The World

Briana Greenspan – BIO

Brianna is an accomplished health and wellness coach and brand strategist. She co-authored the, The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations with Hal Elrod, a positive colouring book for both kids and adults. She also co-authored The Upcycled Toys Club. Brianna was born with a chronic illness that went undiagnosed until she was 23 years old at which time Brianna decided that the labels and limitations of her medical team did not align with what she believed to be possible for her life. From that point on, everything began to change.

Her strength journey led to studies in Cranio Sacral Therapy, Unified Mindfulness, Jewish Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki.. she’s Permaculture Certified and an Xchange method facilitator. Brianna also has a BA degree that focused on ancient healing techniques. Brianna is known for being a connector of all things related to elevating consciousness and usesher unique strengths and gifts to best support the organizations and charities nearest and dearest to her heart.

Episode Description

How do we turn painstaking challenges into a Miracle Morning and joy to be alive every day? In the face of agonizing physical and emotional challenges as a result of many years of undiagnosed chronic illness since childhood, Brianna shares her epiphanies and how she shook off the shroud of illness and took her power back. Her youth was riddled with aggressive challenges so intense that she says it hurt to be alive. The ability to walk, talk, see, hear and breathe wasn’t guaranteed every day, so the last 13 years have all been a quest to do as many of those five together as often as possible.

Her journey from illness to wellness is an inspiration to us as she helps doctors, researchers, and other patients at some of the biggest academic institutions in the world, find answers through her own journey to eventual diagnosis and living her higher purpose. What is most astonishing is that she is still afflicted by chronic illness but her ability to control her response to each episode has seen her regain her balance quickly through techniques she has learned and developed through intensive therapies and self-work which has helped her to create a positive spiral in her determination to thrive.

She shares with us her Miracle Morning routine to set the tone for each new day which she never takes for granted, ensuring that her own cup is filled to overflowing before she sets about serving those around her at the deepest level. Insisting that we become attuned to our intuition to assist us in times of crisis, she demonstrates how this essential and life altering habit will help us whether we are enduring health horrors, personal perils or facing business barriers. Her understanding of the true and immeasurable personal power possessed by every human being inspires us to grab hold of her tools and practical insights to empower ourselves and our families to take that next step aligned to serving us at the highest level in each moment.

Brianna loves the dance of Nature and has a talent for connecting the dots, connecting people and remaining connected to her true purpose in life. “I was born for this moment!”, she says about the new world of work and the stresses faced by people all over the world as they adjust to the new normal. For her, she has been honing the skills needed to navigate the intense type of difficulties presented by this pandemic for years, which the world is recently having to learn to cope with. Her resilience and strategies for survival to maintain a high quality of life are shared online daily with her international community in true Brianna style of loving authenticity and generosity.

She wouldn’t change a thing about her agonizing childhood and current challenges and credits these heart stopping sufferings for the gifts of wisdom she has uncovered in recent years. Her life has great purpose and she ensures that her voice is heard as she makes a meaningful impact on thousands of people suffering with intense chronic illness. The joy and gratitude with which she embraces life is truly infectious. Connect with this bright young beacon and her beautiful mind and be inspired to shine your own immeasurable light!

Link to Book: The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations


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