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Women Empowerment Advocate & Founder MT Energy Resources, Mireille Toulekima

“Understand that you have greatness inside of you. It’s really the starting point. Everything starts with you.” Mireille Toulekima

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
02:30 The Table of Life
06:58 A Female Led Future
13:16 Mireille’s Journey into the Oil & Gas Industry
24:07 Criticism! It’s nothing personal.
30:33 STEM Queen
40:40 Stepping Into Your Greatness

46:17 Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
52:39 If you had a Crystal Ball …
55:07 A World of Movement & Innovation
58:12 Most Treasured Success
1:01:03 Message to the World

Mireille Toulekima – BIO

Mireille Toulekima is an Award-winning global entrepreneur, Energy consultant, Influencer, Women empowerment advocate and champion, International speaker, humanitarian, published author of three books, one being, Stepping into your greatness, executive producer and host of the Greatness Engineering Hour and editor in chief of the Greatness Engineering Magazine.  Developed the Authentic Leadership System called D.A.R.E (Decide Act Review Expand) which is now in its global roll out phase. An internationally recognised oil & gas professional Mireille has been Recognised as a woman of influence in the energy sector. She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Perth Australia based energy company MT Energy Resources Ltd and MIREILLE TOULEKIMA Global Leadership organisation. Mireille is part of the wave of women who’ve embraced non-traditional industries, globalization, innovation and digital disruption as well as philanthropy, spiritual consciousness and mindfulness.

Episode Description

Succeeding in the oil and gas industry as a female, takes skill and collaboration and very importantly self-belief says Mireille. In this BwB Tv episode she shares her unlikely journey of how she landed in the oil and gas industry and the crucial breakthrough, which helped her gain traction in her stellar career. She learned the hard way but today, she’s a successful entrepreneur who mentors women on how to thrive, break through stereotyping barriers and confidently bring their unique value to the global table. She shares four of the most relevant rules to succeed in a VUCA world from her book, Stepping into your greatness and gives us a glimpse of her private daily practice of igniting creative ideas. Mireille is the epitome of talent, courage, resilience, humility and grace and is testimony to of how women can successfully overcome barriers in a male dominated industry if they choose to step into their greatness! Mireille leaves nothing on the table of life and makes every opportunity truly count!

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