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Revolutionary Insights by Wealth Migrate CEO Scott Picken

“When I talk about empowering a billion people, it’s not about a billion people at a time, it’s about one person at a time. Each and every story to me is special.” Scott Picken

“I don’t believe that you can build a business anymore unless it is purposeful from the ground up.” Scott Picken

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00     Intro
02:15     Wealth Movement Manifesto
07:14     A property mogul at 13
08:52   Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)
11:07    Disruptor Mindset, Big Heart
12:02    Mediocrity is not an option!
17:41     Navigating the Jungle

28:02     Wealth 5.0
35:56     What’s your MTP?
40:01     Six Steps to Success
52:45     Power of the Crowd
54:42     Collective Intelligence of a Great Team
59:35     Choosing Business Partners
1:07:10 Message to the World

Scott Picken – BIO

Scott Picken is the chairman of the Global Wealth Group, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, published author, Wealth Movement pioneer and serial Fintech entrepreneur. Scott is a disrupter… with a mighty Mission to create the technology to give 99% of the world the ability to invest in the best global real estate like the top 1% can. Started in 2010, Wealth Migrate is the leading global real estate marketplace built on blockchain, enabling investors to safely invest from as little as $100 per investment, on a cellphone.  Their vision is to make investing as simple as a swipe of the finger from as little as $1. Collectively, with Scott’s partners, they have 227+ years of combined Fintech & international real estate experience, facilitated over 10,800+ investments on 5 continents to a value of over $1,4+ billion. Scott’s passion for Collaborative SMART Investing™ has led to him being one of the first to realize its potential to revolutionize real estate forever and create global wealth for all. He believes his purpose is to solve the wealth gap.

Episode Description

Driven to inspire people to achieve the impossible, Scott is no stranger to setting his sights on daunting goals and then stepping into the jungle of challenges to achieve them. An unconventional entrepreneur who’s consciously built a business that is purposeful from the ground up. Growing up in Africa bred in Scott both a toughness to prevail and a compassion to understand what true poverty really is. In Africa, there is no Plan B. You either survive or you die! It’s from this perspective that Scott created his Wealth Movement Manifesto where he imagines an ideal world. Solving the Wealth Gap is what Scott and his team are passionate about. It’s a mammoth task, but with self-belief and collaboration, Scott has already broken so much new ground. He explains Wealth 5.0 to us to ultimately future proof our financial independence. He does a live demo of his revolutionary online platform that empowers you to invest in the best global real estate like the top 1% can, within minutes. Scott is determined that money should not be a barrier to becoming an investor and strives to create platforms with opportunities for entry level investors to invest as little as $100.
He arms us with his 6 Steps to Success and touches on some of the painful sacrifices he’s made in cutting this trail. As Scott says, “You can sit on the side of the valley where you’re safe and comfortable with mediocrity, or you can step into the jungle where it’s dangerous, you might get hurt or even die, but there’s a chance of getting to the other side where there’s a life of fulfillment, purpose and success that most people only dream of and the world can be bloody amazing”. Scott leads by example for the ultimate reward of a deeply fulfilling life. For Scott, mediocrity is not an option!

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