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Optimal Living Insights by Claire Dale

“We can adapt, change, transform our physical state, our physiology in order to get more agency, control, creativity, power, focus in our emotions and thoughts.” Claire Dale

“Movement is Hope. Movement is Life!” Claire Dale

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00   Intro
02:23   Dancing to the Bathroom
09:53   Physical Intelligence Capabilities
16:53   Fatigued to Fantastic!

24:13   Strategy To Boost Personal Power
41:06  Optimal Chemistry Secrets
55:35  Modern-Day Slavery
1:05:55   Message to the World

Claire Dale – BIO

Claire is a Movement Specialist, leading exponent of Physical Intelligence, and co-author of the book Physical Intelligence. She’s a highly charismatic coach, facilitator and guest speaker on the topic of achieving peak performance through Physical Intelligence. With a background in Contemporary dance, Claire led her own dance company to European critical acclaim during the 1990s representing Great Britain in a number of high-profile Contemporary dance seasons.

She’s created works for Sir Paul McCartney, Alsop Architects, CandoCo and L’Oreal. Claire integrated her Physical Intelligence experience into the world of business by joining the elite team of business coaches at RADA and launching ‘Companies in Motion’ in 2002 to carry forward her passion for Physical Intelligence. Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Dance Theatre from the leading dance school, Trinity Laban.

Episode Description

We are a cocktail of chemicals, says Claire Dale and when we understand this, we can fill our energy tanks, unleash our personal power and rock our day, every day! A highly relevant, practical discussion in which Claire shares her four-part strategy to tap into personal power for a life that is more balanced, fulfilling and satisfying. Feeling pulled in all directions and crashing through each day in a state of tension and crisis creates a vicious cycle in our bodies, often resulting in illness.

Claire holds a mirror up to us and urges us to grow our understanding of Physical Intelligence, control our breathing and movement, call upon the right chemicals at the right time and dance through life more lightly in the knowledge that we are truly in control. With a chemical for every occasion, we can create our own optimal lives if we embrace the brilliance of our own physical design which according to Claire underpins our cognitive and emotional intelligences.

Not only is Claire a Physical Intelligence guru, but she turns her generous spirit to highlighting the realities of modern-day slavery in our world. She adds momentum and support to raising awareness by flying the banner of an organization at the rockface of this human travesty called The Empowerment Collective.

Claire dreams of a world not only where we embrace our physical intelligence to live more empowered and vibrant lives but where we can wipe out the cocktail of greed and everyone has food and a place in the sun. A fascinating discussion about the power of the intelligence no one’s heard of.

Link to Book: Physical Intelligence

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