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Highly Relevant Success Insights by David Homan, CEO Orchestrated Connecting

“Relational value at its core is the most untapped commodity on the planet.” David Homan

“If you can help someone else find their own melody, then you can help them soar.” David Homan

Topics Covered In This Episode

– A Blend of Two Superpowers
– Classical Music, An Interesting History in David’s life
– Definition Of A Super Connector
– The Most Untapped Commodity On The Planet
– Relational Value In Relation to Money, Time & Freedom
– Orchestrated Connecting With Integrity
– The Recipe To Creating Communities Of Integrity

– Orchestrated Connecting With Integrity
– Honoring The Chain Of Connections
– The Benefits of Awesome Groups
– Self-Transcendence
– Making Life Beautiful Like A Symphony
– Turning Barriers Into Success Breakthroughs
– Message To The World

David Homan – BIO

David is the Vice President of LunaClipse Media, an entertainment company at the intersection of feature film & media; he’s the NYC Ambassador for NEXUS, a global community of next-gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs and the CEO of Orchestrated Connecting, overseeing a community of 600+ “super-connectors” focused on value and opportunity creation. David is a key advisor to philanthropists, start-up founders, influencers, and investors. He’s developed a Relational Value methodology, currently being researched by professors at INSEAD in Paris.  He is also a classical composer with over 200 works to date, his works have been played by the American Symphony Orchestra, Colorado String Quartet, and frequently with modern dance, including his wife’s Ariel Rivka Dance Company. His work is licensed for television including shows on Discovery & Animal Planetand he is currently rescoring Stravinsky’s Firebird for a children’s ballet.  He serves as a founding Board member of the Arthur Miller Foundation, First Republic Bank’s FEA group NY, and enjoys “down time” with his two young children, Eva and Max.


Episode Description

In this highly relevant discussion, David Homan helps us grasp the critical nature of “relational value” and consciously connecting with the right people with the same value systems and celebrating our diversity and unique differences & nuances. It’s the differences that sparks new questions, ideas and solutions and contributes to us creating a beautiful life symphony. He shares with us the secrets to creating a successful online community and the unique culture and rules that has enabled his own community, Orchestrated Connecting to flourish and deliver real results for the inner community of high integrity members, the underlying thread being an authentic code of gratitude.  A strong proponent of human dignity, David raises the bar without compromise for respectful treatment and equality of women. As a devoted Dad, he also shares some simple tools to help children manage their feelings and develop a healthy coping process to release anxiety and fear, and strongly encourages us to delve into our own process in understanding how we deal with our own challenges. David’s greatest joy is to compose classical music and blends this superpower seamlessly with his understanding of human behavioral dynamics making him a connector of super connectors. In this melodious hour he gives us a window into his vast and beautiful mind, sharing some of his transcendent philosophies and deep, thought-provoking ethics. We cannot help but raise our game on every level after listening to his symphony of relational and human behavioral insights.

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