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Transformational Insights by Tammy McCrary, CEO of Artistology

“We’re ALL artists. Whatever it is that you love to do, that’s your artistry.” Tammy McCrary

“If we want to see a different world, creatives / artists have a huge role to play in making that shift.” Tammy McCrary

Topics Covered In This Episode

– University Production Fun
– Executive Producer For Chaka Khan
– The Toughest Challenge When Supporting Artists
– Emotional Health Stats In Relation To Artists
– As In The Arts, So In Business
– The Artistology Mission
– Mental Health Labels

– 7 Stages Of The Cycle Of Invalidation
– Shifting Perspective From Limitation To Abundance
– Special Needs Child – Tammy’s Greatest Teacher
– Exciting New Opportunities For Artists
– Most Treasured Success Story
– Message To The World

Tammy McCrary – BIO

Tammy McCrary, is an entertainment consultant, entrepreneur and music industry pioneer. She’s the CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer of Artistology created to support the well-being of artists. When the artist thrives, humanity survives!” says Tammy. She’s the cofounder of the Transcendence Project, a cocreator of the Innergy Tuner app, the co-author of two #1 best-selling books, The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for the Sound Healer and Musician and  Succeeding Through Doubt, Fear and Crisis. As an artist manager she successfully guided acts ranging from a pop girl group and an award-winning jazz singer and pianist to a legendary diva. She executive produced the legendary Chaka Khan’s Funk This, an album that garnered critical acclaim and two Grammy Awards, and she served as a producer of the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards. Tammy also coproduced and was featured in Diagnosis, a documentary about autism that won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Cannes Film Festival’s American Pavilion showcase. Driven by a desire to help those who are challenged like her son, Tallon, who has autism, Tammy co-founded two non-profit organizations: The Chaka Khan Foundation and Colored My Mind. Through Tammy’s own Artistology and collaborative efforts artists are empowered to shine!

“Love is all that matters. Love is the only truth. Hate and division are just distractions. That’s not who we are.” Tammy McCrary

Episode Description
In this deeply inspiring interview Tammy McCrary, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer of Artistology reminds us, we are ALL artists no matter what our profession and encourages us to find and share OUR unique gifts with the world! She is deeply passionate about Creatives and gives us a glimpse of the strain and pain of fame and fortune…the behind-the-scenes reality. Tammy shows that the Creative Health of artists is key to them “standing in their Truth”, thriving and continuing to give their inspired gifts to the world. For Tammy her son who is on the Autism spectrum has been her greatest teacher and he fuels the fire of her determination to provide a healing and collaborative platform for creative minds. In this episode, Tammy shares with us the 7 Cs in the Cycle of Invalidation and meets them with the 7 Cs of Creative Health which is the ingenious framework used in the Artistology Methodology…and applicable to everyone no matter what your profession or business. Tammy believes that artists are the cultural architects of our society and have a huge role to play through the messages to youth. She aims to help creatives take responsibility and empowers them to make a shift for the betterment of humanity through their artistic expression. An interview filled with meaningful insights on the importance of mental health and the impact on those who find themselves trapped in a space of invalidation.

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