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Personal Transformation Treasures by The People’s Poet, Kirk Nugent

“Let others lead small lives but let it not be you. Let others be satisfied by the crumbs, but not you!” Kirk Nugent

“Forgive me if I feel compassion for those poor souls who live to follow the fashion, because if you want to live a life that’s neither limited nor rationed, then by God, you must pursue your passion!”Kirk Nugent

Topics Covered In This Episode

00.00 – Introduction & BIO
03:49 – My Son Inspired Me To Be A Better Person
05:54 – Life Is Like A Rollercoaster
06:53 – We Are Not Being Punished
14:18 – You Would’ve Made A Good Slave!
23:18 – From Victim To Victor

24:51 – Know Thyself And To Thyne Own Self Be True
36:10 – Remember Who We Are
37:20 – The Dark Night Of The Soul
47:55 – Trust the process
51:53 – True Success!
57:24 – Rendition Of Kirk’s Poem – Pursue Your Passion

Kirk Nugent – BIO

Kirk Nugent is a catalyst for change, unafraid to challenge preconceived notions about success and self-actualization. Kirk’s public speaking career started in poetry venues where he developed a signature brand of infectious wit and frenetic energy. His early audiences crowned him, “The People’s Poet” and his stage widened to include college campuses, keynote addresses for Fortune 500 companies, church ministries and empowerment workshops. Hes spoken at venues across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean and also impacts the lives of people around the world through his books: The Unpopular Truth, Answer the Call, From Depression to Destiny and his electrifying two disc audio set, “Pursue Your Passion”. Kirk celebrates his Jamaican heritage which has fostered in him the global perspective of “Out of Many, One People” and the tenet that the innate right to chase your dreams unites all individuals. This philosophy guides Kirk’s speaking engagements and inspired Les Brown to proclaim, “Kirk is a poignant speaker who challenges us to step out in faith towards our dreams”.

Episode Description

Life is too precious to play small, says The People’s Poet, Kirk Nugent. In this gripping conversation, he galvanizes us to chase our dreams and shares hard-learned lessons about how he emerged from The Dark Night of the Soul.  A crusader and catalyst for change, Kirk shines his bright light on what true happiness really is and helps us realise that there are no bad days, only character building and character revealing days. With a power attitude like this, success is inevitable. In spite of the challenges we all face during lockdown, Kirk insists that we use the time wisely, and go within to find out who we really are. He teaches invaluable lessons on how to go from Victim to Victor and impresses upon us the value of the magic of that childlike ability to actually live in the moment! He implores that we be true to ourselves and lose the fear that is crippling us and halting our progress. His message shouts out that we were not put on this planet to live up to other people’s expectations of us but to truly shine our own light in the darkness which others can appreciate as our unique piece and vital contribution to the puzzle of humanity. And then … he gifts us with his explosively passionate rendition of his famous poem, “Pursue Your Passion”, which hits right to the core of every beating heart. May you be transported by his sincerity, deepest love and profound wisdom.

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