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Wisdom from Veteran Coach & CEO Andrew Neitlich

Topics Covered In This Episode
– Andrew’s Superpower
– The Shift from Consulting to Coaching
– Benefits to Taking on a Coach
– ROI of Coaching
– Marketing Success Strategies
– Transition from Executive to Executive Coach
– Creating Visibility Online for Coaches
– Closing The Deal

– We Have To Do Something Different to Move Business Forward
– Leaders Role In Impacting the People they Serve
– Five Things to Reduce the Overwhelm
– What Excites You About the Future
– Moving Forward
– Message to Humanity

Andrew Neitlich – BIO
Andrew Neitlich is the Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching, a leading coach training organisation, where over 2,000 coaches in 32 countries have been certified in best-practice executive coaching skills and methods. Their graduates come from top organizations including: NASA, the US Air Force, Bank of America, Coca-Cola etc. What’s truly remarkable is Andrew personally trains each and every member in the program and leads all live teleclasses and in-person seminars. After graduating with distinction from Harvard Business School he led multi-million dollar consulting engagements for an international consulting firm and rotated as the firm’s Director of Training and Professional Development, responsible for the training and development of 3,200 professionals. He is the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, Coach!, and the Way to Coach Executives. He also developed the Coach Master Toolkit. Andrew plays tennis as often as he can, and enjoys life in Sarasota, Florida with his wife and three children

Episode Description
Constantly moving forward is key to any organization’s future success. Andrew Neitlich shares some trusted business basics with us on how to make this happen and invites us to consider the use of business coaches as sounding boards to navigate the unknown, post pandemic reality. He’s a firm believer in keeping things simple and using consistent strategies which provides clients with frameworks for efficient productivity. His excitement about the global opportunities presented to us now is infectious as he demystifies the role of an executive coach and the value coaching adds to organizations and leaders who are passionate about taking their businesses to greater heights. His impressive array of high-level clients does not taint Andrew’s humility nor his generosity of spirit as he remains completely committed to helping leaders and their teams pivot, plan and perform.

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