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Getting Real with Rockstar Ard Matthews

Ard Matthews – BIO
Singer, songwriter, and front man of South African multi-platinum selling band Just Jinjer, ARD matthews has been a household name and personality in his native country of South Africa, and across the world, since 1996 when the band gained prestige through having the biggest selling debut rock album in South Africa, and a reputation for world class live performances. Fast forwarding through two decades of local & international touring, headlining festivals, album recordings and releases, ARD released his second solo album in 2019 called ‘Impossible Machines’, and promptly scooped up a South African Music Award (SAMA) for best Alternative Album, cementing his place in the SA music landscape in his solo capacity. Since the beginning of South Africa’s Coronavirus lockdown, ARD has been committed to raising funds for those most in need with his live stream rooftop series called the ‘Play it Forward’ where, to date he has assisted in raising hundreds of thousands of Rands for people and animals who are not in a position to help themselves through the crisis. In January of 2020, ARD bought a 66ft wooden pirate sailing vessel, built by the SA Navy, called the Howard Davis and promptly dubbed her ‘The Impossible Machine’ to be an eponymous, tongue-in-cheek extension of his most recent solo work. His intention is to sail her around the world, all the way collaborating and spreading a message of peace and good will. She will also carry a strong environmental awareness with her wherever she may go. His latest release, ‘Free To Begin’ is a song who’s lyrics were entirely written by his online FB friends and fans in what was a truly unique collaborative effort that talks about this interesting shift in our modern history.

Episode Description

In this special hour with Ard Matthews, singer song writer and front man of rock band Just Jinger we get a glimpse into his journey of personal challenges and triumphs, and how he remains driven yet grounded in the face of international fame and fortune. Rockstar, Pirate of the Atlantic with The Impossible Machine Sailing Vessel and King of his own Castle literally, yet modest, humorous, and generous Ard opens his heart and offers us some of his hard-earned insights as he continues to find his truth, share his talents, grow through collaborations and thrive beyond his wildest dreams.

He implores us not to wait to save our world…as the lyrics in ‘Wait Wait. How Long’ go …
“Will we wait until its too late. Or we’ll start a revolution. We are not alone. But we Better get busy or we will soon be”.

He’s created an unapologetic space in which he’s ‘Free to Begin’ making more impossible dreams come true. May his sailing adventures continue to inspire his songs of love, kindness and authenticity as powerful gifts to the world. Thank you Ard for sharing your unique artistry with us and inspiring us to leave ‘Shallow Waters’ and find the artist within. We look forward to following you as you set sail on an exciting Pirate / Rockstar adventure.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– The Impossible Machine (TIM): Big Dreams Can Come True
– A Floating Recording Studio: Sailing Into The Sunset Singing
– Young Singing Beginnings
– Being Handpicked As Frontman Of Just Jinger
– Most Exciting Just Jinjer Moment
– The Downside Of Being A Star
– The Coolest Office In The World
– How To Cut It Post Covid

– My Brand Is Me, My Stage Is Where I Am
– A Dark Night Of The Soul
– What Drives The Music
– Make Collaboration Our New Competition
– The Song With The Deepest Meaning
– Our New Secret Weapon As Humanity
– A Song To The World

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