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Success Gems from Author & CEO Justin Breen

Topics Covered In This Episode
– An Early Start… Set For Success
– Dedication & Diligence
– Brepic Is Born
– The 4 Challenges Most Exemplary Entrepreneurs Overcome
– Justin’s Driving Force
– What Truly Matters
– Dating My Wife, My Best Friend For A Year
– 3 Powerful Attributes Of Geniuses
– Tripling & Quadrupling Rates
– Finding The Like-Minded Futurists
– Intoxicating Association Of Like Minds

– How To Access Top Entrepreneurs
– 10 Xing In Life
– Ten Year Vision
– The Tipping Point To Change The Fabric Of Society
– Helping The People Who Help Everyone
– The Toughest Barrier In Creating An Epic Business
– Covid A Great Opportunity
– When Entrepreneurs Solve Problems Humanity Wins
– Turning Barriers Into Success Breakthroughs
– Message To Humanity

Justin Breen – BIO
Justin Breen went from Sports Editor to Assistant Managing Editor where he was recognised as one of the country’s top 25 publishing leaders under 35 to Senior Editor at DNAinfo. Then he transitioned into Entrepreneurship in 2017. Justin is the founder and CEO of BREpic… with no previous business experience he’s become a Visionary PR Entrepreneur, Global Connector, Strategic Coach & Best Selling Author of the Book: Epic Business… all within 3 years. BrEpic Communications will grow your business brand with expert social media postings, craft click-worthy stories craved by local, regional and national media, and then successfully pitch them to outlets all while providing customer service second to none. For three years running BrEpic Communications has won a Golden or Silver Trumpet for Media Relations from the Publicity Club of Chicago!

Episode Description
How to be an epically successful entrepreneur is charted for us in this interview with the brilliant Justin Breen. “Being endlessly driven to succeed, supremely confident, and utterly dedicated makes all the difference!”, he says. Starting with his strict running regiment six days a week in all weather conditions, he shares his secrets to rising like the sun to great heights in just 3 short years.
Proudly, the Breen family hails from the freezing Ukraine in past generations, with the call of the wild in their hearts and storytelling in their blood. This may explain Justin’s love of subzero temperatures where he confesses his extraordinary brain is happily ablaze with the intoxicating satisfaction of being a global connector of genius minds.
Touching on the 4 serious challenges he has noticed that most entrepreneurial exemplars have overcome on their road to the top, Justin likens the tiny percentage of extraordinary power minds in this world to aliens who are rarely understood by people unlike themselves. He also gives us 3 powerful attributes of geniuses which unfailingly attracts the attention of his astute mind and insists that if we are to succeed that we must “Get it done. No excuses!”. In this interview dripping with powerful insights, he candidly maps out the road less traveled to achieve true and lasting success with some sobering points on doing what it takes at the highest level.

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