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Surprising Success Secrets by Super Connector Kevin Seo

Kevin Seo – BIO (Superpowers, Contributions, Successes)
Kevin Seo is a Super Connector, Ecommerce Logistics Expert, Food and Beverage Storyteller and Community Builder. He is the Vice President of Sales at Parcll. He’s an ambassador for a social professional platform and connects people though his own personal brand NetworkWithKevin. He’s the co-founder and executive advisor at Operation Advisors helping build communities by advising small to medium size businesses on revenue scaling, community building and business development. He’s also an advocate in the AAPI and Small Business communities, creating virtual events and networking events. He’s the co-founder & CEO of FoodFestLive, a digital events and media company that shares the stories of local restaurants with the public to empower these small businesses by creating exposure through unique marketing services and catered digital events. Borne out of the challenges created by the pandemic, the FoodFestLive team is giving back with heart and truly serving the community in the spirit of abundance.

Episode Description
A magnate for small business success, Kevin Seo shares the secret to his effervescent personality and encourages us to ‘Face Fear Faster’ to find solutions. A super connector and community builder, Kevin thrives on connecting the right people to enable their businesses to thrive! He explains how as a child, fear of loneliness unlocked his social skills, which became a survival skill, which in turn unlocked his superpower as a Super Connector serving the greater good. In this interview Kevin reveals the greatest secret to networking, connecting with others and ultimate business success. For Kevin, being highly extraverted and a serial socializer, the idea of Covid lockdown was unbearable, but in typical Kevin style, he immediately pivoted, ramped up his online presence and personal branding, which set the stage for enriching success. Kevin has mastered moving away from the ego to allow others to thrive, he is the embodiment of the positive and widespread impact a leader has when you bring humanity back to business, as he says “In every action that is taken, Love first! He goes first, focuses on being present and through collaboration and co-creation of innovative solutions he’s giving small businesses the lifeline they need in a time of dire need! A highly energised interview filled with creative, practical insights to help set your business up for success both online & offline!

Topics Covered In This Episode

The secret to being Joyful
Kevin’s go-to strategy in the face of barriers
Fear of loneliness as a child
The driving force behind the super-connector
The ultimate secret to both life and business
A blend of two worlds
Kevin’s most cherished success
The choice to be a super connector
Scaling up for sustained success

The secret to digital presence
The inspiration behind Food Fest Live
A disruptive recipe for success
A cherished magic moment
A breakthrough moment at college
Being mentored by Eric Lee, LinkedIn CTO
In every action that’s taken, love first

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