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Riveting Power Hour with Brain Entrainment Engineer, Morry Zelcovitch

Boost brain power, personal power and peak performance with the Morry Method, the brainchild of Morry Zelcovitch, who beat 40 years of depression and emerged energized, inspired and driven to share his technologies with the world. By breaking cycles of negative thinking, we positively change the neurochemistry of the brain and elevate brain performance and fulfillment in our own lives and in turn we’re able to elevate those around us. Morry discusses his own lifelong struggle with depression, leading to him creating leading technologies in human development which are making a powerful impact on people’s lives. With minimal effort, Morry’s affordable techniques help people to resonate on healthy and powerful frequencies and fully experience their greater potential by unlocking their brain potential. According to Morry, money is not the hardest thing to get, peace & joy is, which is why he’s determined to reach everyone who finds themselves in a downward spiral. Morry’s insights into the human condition are profound and he amuses us with his honesty about our typical behaviors as we see ourselves reflected in his often-mighty words of truth. He makes some shocking statements and explains how our early warning system telling us that we are either thinking or doing the wrong things. If we take charge of our brain chemistry through scientifically tried and tested methods, we CAN rise from the ashes of depression, self-doubt and the mire of negativity bombarding us, live fully, thrive and contribute to making the world a better place. A riveting, power hour with a pioneering thought leader who is synonymous with bringing humanity back to business & creating an enriching human story!

Topics Covered In This Episode
– The Morry Method difference
– Impact of brain chemistry on thoughts
– Our response to the environment
– Beating depression
– The early warning system
– Are we missing or ignoring the signals?
– Changing brain chemistry

– The pattern interrupt
– Brain entrainment and the meditative state
– Brain beats
– Listening with purpose
– What values are holding you back?
– Message to the world

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