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Visibility Insights by Entrepreneur Coach, Jamie Broderick

Jamie Broderick helps entrepreneurs’ transition from being a best kept secret, to amplifying their visibility, audience, client attraction capability and goal achievement. “Confidence mindset and true belief in what you do is key to stepping fully into your leadership role”, says Jamie who’s an entrepreneur success coach. Creativity thrives as confidence grows. She shares powerful, yet simple steps on how to break through the fear, recognize our strengths and build on them, and she encourages us to surround ourselves with successful people who can act as added sounding boards while helping us further shape our own vision for ourselves. She insists that the world needs OUR talents and that we must never underestimate the impact we will have on people through sharing our messages. She believes your network is your net worth and stresses the importance of having an online presence, taking us through the must-haves to create and grow trust across all platforms and actively grow our networks in a meaningful way in a post-pandemic world where we can extract the most value from our connections and exponentially have a ripple effect on the world. Jamie is deeply passionate about giving entrepreneurial women a voice in the world and helping them share their potential and talents, and she celebrates their successes as she helps catapult them forward through her expert guidance and sincere generosity of knowledge and spirit. Highly driven, Jamie’s effervescent energy and ready sense of humour is infectious.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– Themed “trunk” parties provide a networking platform
– Hiding in silence as a child
– Not sharing your potential is to rob the world
– Key steps to believing in your potential
– You’ve got to be in it to win it
– What entrepreneurs need to do today to win
– The importance of an online platform
– Things to get right for your online presence
– Your network is your net worth
– LinkedIn as a hot resource

– Having a ripple effect on the world
– Coaching and connecting people changes lives exponentially
– The power of collaboration
– Becoming a TedEx speaker
– The secret to staying on your A-Game
– Reduce the overwhelm
– Turning barriers into success breakthroughs
– The future fantastic?
– Message to the world

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