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Visionary insights by author, athlete & speaker, Theresa Robberts

“I’ll either find a way, or I’ll make one!” is the motto of blind athlete, outstanding academic, author and award-winning motivational speaker, Theresa Robberts. She’s broken through barriers, broken precedents and is currently breaking new ground through her PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility in her determination to help charities think more like businesses. In this heartfelt interview, she gives us a glimpse of the world through her eyes. She’s focused on making a powerful difference in the world, and her numerous achievements attest to her tenacity, creativity and humanity despite having been discriminated against because of her visual impairment. She shares her profound insights and generosity of spirit, and takes us on a journey to highlight the principles she’s learnt, which enable her stay driven and committed to adding her own brand of value to the world. She believes her visual impairment helps her see things with less prejudice and keeps her focused on more important elements in people without the obstacles presented by the lies our eyes can sell us by invoking inaccurate and often unfair assumptions. Serving the greater good and combining resources is what Theresa believes will transform business and communities in a reciprocal and sustainable manner. She encourages us to see the rapid changes we’re facing as post traumatic growth and explains how to adapt our thinking and find new opportunities today to emerge victorious tomorrow.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– The guide dog miracle
– Life through Theresa’s eyes
– Visual impairment and constant change
– A scorpion sting
– Maps in her mind
– Perseverance in spite of harsh discrimination pays off
– If the why is strong enough, the how becomes easy
– Time as a valued resource
– The surprising benefits of visual impairment
– Scars into stars, barriers into stepping stones
– A bigger challenge than being blind

– Techniques to transcend turmoil
– Continuous learning as a lifestyle
– Pursuing dreams in the face of terrifying changes
– Cherished success
– What are we not seeing?
– What it takes to break down business barriers
– Bringing humanity back to business
– What excites you about the future?
– Sight, the the bully of the senses

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