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Business Agility Arsenal By Prof Herman Singh

The world is at war! The rampant threats in a digitally transformed post-pandemic business world are stressed by author of best seller book, “Di-Volution”, trailblazer CEO & Professor, Herman Singh. “The Future arrived early, thanks to Covid 19”, says Herman and he explains how forecasts of people working from home in the distant future became an overnight reality across the globe and how business has had to adapt and become extremely agile if it is to survive and embrace this “Accidental Future”. The world we have today was difficult to predict 10 years ago. This is a war to end all wars! Digital technology is pulling us towards the Future while we are still fighting off the dogma of old business practices which no longer serve consumers in the new world. We may be afraid of the future, but it is the limiting beliefs from the past which slow us down, which we need to let go of to avoid being casualties. Constant change is the new normal, pivoting business to where opportunities lie is no longer an option, it is imperative. Fundamental and radical new business models need to be written. Herman provides a practical roadmap on how to navigate this turbulent, volatile, uncertain landscape and shows how the future world will be a better place. As a united force, business leaders can embrace this new world instead of fighting it and create a better future for all.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– Di-Volution – Rewriting the rules of society
– Creative Destruction
– A world at war: Forces from the future at war with dogma from the past
– Radical new business models
– Perverse incentives and BS rules
– We’re never going back to normal
– Barriers to success in an accidental future
– Think like a start-up
– What skills and superpowers do we need to win this war
– Steps to succeed – Importance of play & failure
– Leveraging opportunities presented by challenges

– Business agility
– Taking advantage of the positive effects
– Value nets
– The financial industry must pivot
– A lucrative future for the well positioned, agile SME
– How to identify opportunities?
– Why it’s the best time to be alive
– Elimination of polarisation will create a brighter future

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