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Riveting Success Insights by Mountaineer & Strategist, Louis Carstens

In this riveting interview, Louis Carstens, high altitude mountaineer, shares the highs and lows of summiting the seven highest peaks in the world… where there’s the very real possibility of not coming home. When he summited Mount Everest he became only the 293rd climber in the world ever to complete the Seven Summits. Having spent his childhood in mining towns in South Africa, the mine dumps were a stark contrast to the monstrous peaks he now finds freedom in climbing. Louis’s fearlessness, optimism for life, adaptability and never give up attitude was honed through his failures. One of his toughest challenges was turning back just 450 meters from his first attempt to summit Mount Everest. He gives us a taste of the moments after summiting Mount Everest one year later…12 years of hard work and dedication were realised in those few majestic moments on top of the world. Louis has learnt to overcome mental & physical barriers of the highest order. Apart from peaking mountains, he has five degrees to his name (3 cum laude) and constantly pushes himself to his edge yet he’ll tell you he’s the average Joe next door which makes him even more exceptional. He’s proven what’s possible when you decide that failure will not get the better of you…Louis’s success on mountains started with failure on mountains. A captivating discussion filled with insightful lessons on how to peak in any area of life.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– The meaning of freedom
– Importance of knowing our limits or weaknesses
– Turning back 450 meters from summiting Everest
– Seeing the world from the top of the world
– Success leaves an imprint
– Can we become fearless without climbing mountains?

– Developing mental strength
– How mountaineering made Louis a better business strategist
– The inspiration behind climbing the seven summits
– Extraordinary drive
– What truly matters

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