Practical, Transitional Insights from Recruitme…

Whether it be couture design or executive recruitment Hanna’s hallmark for excellence has an impact. Packed with practical insights on how to be ‘most wanted’ if you’re in the market for a job, Hanna reveals the mistakes people make in composing their CV’s and social media profiles such as LinkedIn. She shares how your story and key successes matter – whether you’re new to the job market or a CEO! Hanna developed a system to de-risk the hiring process, a critical process given the astronomical costs of a recruitment failure. She provides a fascinating account of the dangers of inverted leadership, provides practical advice of making the transition from being an employee into entrepreneurship and explains why working in your gift is crucial to fulfilment in your career. Hanna believes that “If we can come together and work together for better outcomes, we can go much further, much quicker.” Whether you’re in the market for a job, wanting to make the leap into the entrepreneurial world or a hiring manager this episode is filled with meaningful insight and practical tips from a most wanted recruiter!

Topics Covered In This Episode

– Couture Designer
– Job Hunting Mistakes…CV & profiles
– CV’s that get noticed
– The cost of hiring the wrong person
– De-risking the recruitment process
– Working in your gift


– Inverted leadership
– Minings most wanted group
– Employee to Entrepreneur transition
– If I had a magic wand…
– Message to humanity

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