Leadership Insights by Professor & CEO, Steyn Heckroodt

A deeply honest story by Professor Steyn Heckroodt of how failure ignited a different level of thinking, an inspiring personal transformation, the development of the Connected Leadership Framework and an unexpected level of success. Steyn’s willingness to be vulnerable and act on tough life lessons enabled him to build a framework that empowers leaders around the world to tap into their potential, think differently and develop greatness on a personal, team, organisational and world level. He shows how Covid-19 has introduced massive levels of uncertainty and fear and asks the question: “How innovative are you as a leader, how good are you at managing ambiguity and uncertainty?” He then goes on to share the five levels at which leaders are to start thinking differently to excel in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). He shares the mistake leaders make when looking to get different results and how to rectify this and how to take into account the three contributors to success or failure. Steyn may be a professor, but he does not believe in teaching a curriculum, he connects deeply with his mentees to enable them to tap into their potential. He shows how it’s not expertise that will enable us to conquer the challenges we’re facing. To thrive we need to tap into our deeply human qualities and embrace all levels of diversity, which he sees as the only true internal competitive edge in an organisation. He ends off asking the questions, “what can you do to ensure happiness in your career?; what can you do to ensure happiness in your family?; what are you going to do to stay out of prison?” The latter question may seem like an odd question, until you consider a situation like Enron. A very real conversation with a true leader who turned failure into a leadership framework that now develops greatness worldwide!

Topics Covered In This Episode

– An alternative stance to bringing up children
– Managing ambiguity & uncertainty
– An unbalanced commercial model
– Five levels of thinking differently
– Getting different results starts with self Situational arrogance


– A powerful transformation
– New heights of success
– The secret to dealing with complexity
– Building people up vs breaking them down

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