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Intriguing Insights from Pioneering CEO, Angus Brown.

Mastering complex situations and successfully launching groundbreaking technology ahead of its time and getting record breaking results is revolutionary thinker and CEO, Angus Brown’s playground. This insightful and intriguing interview with Angus covers topics ranging from the future of money, how Bitcoin is shaping the future, crypto payment processes, banking backed digital currency to the insider track on revolutionary thinking. He shares his experiences and lessons learnt from being part of a maverick team that launched the world’s first banking backed digital currency, the acclaimed eBucks at FNB Bank. His uncanny ability to ‘see what it could be’ and relentless entrepreneurial drive has led to innovate solutions in the financial services arena. He shares how Centbee, a Bitcoin SV is changing the payment landscape of both domestic and cross border payments. Angus explains why we should hold our views gently and why getting into a boat on a dry riverbed is exciting. Not a minute of this interview goes by without a profound insight delivered by this thought-provoking, revolutionary leader.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– The future of money
– Can Bitcoin shape our future for the better?
– Bitcoin myths
– Importance of Centbee service
– Adoption of Crypto
– Overcoming success barriers
– Seeing what others don’t see
– Revolutionary thinking


– Bringing others into your thinking process
– The value of understanding other’s motivations
– Hold your views gently
– Overcoming resistance
– Transformation / Re-invention for a new normal
– Engage the future
– Find meaning

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