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Jackie Lapin, Founder SpeakerTunity®

 Speaking is really the single most effective way to get people into your community, onto your client list and roster. So you need to be in front of audiences where those people are.

Jackie Lapin

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Welcome
01:29 Follow The Universe’s Breadcrumbs
06:57 The Universe Has Your Back
10:01 Virtual Speaking Opportunities
11:44 One Size Does NOT Fit All
15:07 Get On Stage Faster & Easier
21:07 The Ultimate Speaker Toolbox
23:20 Your Audience Needs You

25:33 Threats & Opportunities
28:14 Power Of Community
Be Visible
29:36  What’s Your Next?
33:08  Most Cherished Success
34:33 C’s To A Better Humanity

Jackie Lapin – BIO

Jackie Lapin, pioneer and innovator is the founder of SpeakerTunity®, the Speaker & Leader Resource Company, and leading expert on getting booked to deliver your message on multiple platforms. Her pioneering spirit began with her award-winner career as one on the first women sportswriters in America, which ultimately led her to create one of the largest and most successful sports/special events/cable TV PR agencies for 20 years with a world class client list.

Jackie is the author of two international bestselling books, The Art of Conscious Creation and Practical Conscious Creation and helps other changemakers with life changing books reach new audiences through radio/podcast tours. Her Conscious Media Relations, a sister company to SpeakerTunity®, has helped nearly 200 luminaries, leaders, filmmakers, and authors grow their businesses, sell more books, create viewership, and change more lives.

By introducing them to up to 9000 radio shows and podcasts, including clients such as Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Arielle Ford, Chris and Janet Attwood, Maureen St. Germaine, Denise Linn, Hay House and more. SpeakerTunity® is poised to be the hub for all leaders and entrepreneurs who want easier ways to get booked on more stages faster and with greater impact.

If you are resistant because you’re afraid of being on stages, let me gift you this concept: It’s not about you! Remember you’re in service of your audience. Stop thinking about what they’re thinking about you. All that you need to remember is they need you. 

Jackie Lapin

Episode Description

How do you get in front of your target market easier & faster? With the digital wave influencing the world of work so significantly, opportunities to reach your business community are literally borderless and boundless it’s essential not to get stuck in the past but to embrace change, expand into it and ride this wave as you take your place on the virtual stage.

Jackie Lapin’s game changer services and resources help you secure speaking opportunities faster and easier which she says is the single most effective way to get your people onto your client list and into your community.

As one of the 1st women sports writers in America and a string of successes over the decades, she lets us into the secret to offering the market exactly what it wants and needs and what your audience actually cares about.  She helps resolve any fears you may have about getting your message out there with a tailored solution for your specific niche. One size does NOT fit all!

She shares the secret to consistently developing in-demand products to fill the gaps and solve the next problem. As a serial pioneer, Jackie has accomplished so much, yet for her it’s all about the lives she’s touched and highlights 3 things that would make our world a better place. This highly relevant interview is a reminder that your message is a gift and your audience needs you to share it!

If you have a gift, if you have a mission, if you have something that can change people’s lives, you owe it to them and to the universe to deliver it. 

Jackie Lapin

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