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Scott Picken, CEO Wealth Migrate

 You can build a platform for the future but you need to eat in the present…you’ve got to do both, deal with mainstream and know where the future is coming from.

Scott Picken

 The fastest way to success is to copy successful people. I try to read books, autobiographies, but there’s an even faster way than copying successful people, it’s partnering with successful people.

Scott Picken

Topics Covered In This Episode

00:00 Intro
01:30 Crowd Funding License
04:40 Wealth Migration Ecosystem
09:09 Closing the Wealth Gap
13:44 6 investor needs
19:31 Global investor in 60 seconds

32:44 Power of partnership
34:18 Blockchain Impact
39:23 Best of Both
43:57 No Value in Negativity
44:50 Long Term Success

Scott Picken – BIO

Scott Picken is the chairman of the Global Wealth Group, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, published author, Wealth Movement pioneer and serial Fintech entrepreneur. Scott is a disrupter… with a mighty Mission to create the technology to give 99% of the world the ability to invest in the best global real estate like the top 1% can. Started in 2010, Wealth Migrate is the leading global real estate marketplace built on blockchain, enabling investors to safely invest from as little as $100 per investment, on a cellphone.

Their vision is to make investing as simple as a swipe of the finger from as little as $1. Collectively, with Scott’s partners, they have 227+ years of combined Fintech & international real estate experience, facilitated over 10,800+ investments on 5 continents to a value of over $1,4+ billion. Scott’s passion for Collaborative SMART Investing™ has led to him being one of the first to realize its potential to revolutionize real estate forever and create global wealth for all. He believes his purpose is to solve the wealth gap.

Episode Description

It’s now possible to invest in the best, global real estate like the top 1% can, within minutes, from as little as $100, from anywhere. Wealth Migrate CEO Scott Picken, shows us how he’s closing the wealth gap though his revolutionary platform that empowers everyone to own a diverse portfolio of assets. His strong objection to poverty fuels his determination to close the Wealth Gap one person at a time by putting the power in their hands. Determined to collaborate for the greater good and spread the love (and return on YOUR investment), Scott flies in the face of financial tradition, continually breaking new ground in how we invest in regulated arenas, breaking free from conventional methods which previously were only accessible to the very wealthy.

Scott drops many success bombs like: The 6 steps that empower investors to invest like the top 1%; The fundamental mind shifts required to secure your financial future; The fastest route to succeed in any area of life or business; The change he believes will have a bigger impact than the internet because it cuts out all the middlemen and How to create lasting success in business. Scott believes that everyone should have an opportunity to create financial wealth and him and his partners are using revolutionary technology to make it happen, one person at a time!

 It’s no longer about competition, it’s about collaboration. It’s a shift from scarcity to abundance.

Scott Picken

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