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Discover How With Futures Alchemist, Charlotte Kemp

Fear of the future is obliterated in this intriguing interview with Futures Alchemist, Charlotte Kemp. She’ll excite you with her infectious optimism and expansive outlook, from how you can recover from extreme loss and thrive to expressing your internal genius and thinking like a futurist. She shows how designing the future is about planning for all eventualities and how this trains your brain to be ready for whatever challenges may arise and mitigate potential disasters. All the rules are broken right now which makes it the perfect time to experiment with new ideas, take advantage of the agency we have over our future and create that next big opportunity. She shares ways we can trigger new ideas and three practical steps we can take right away to implement futurist thinking. She sees the accessibility we have to people anywhere in the world as an opportunity to learn from each other, break out of our comfort zones and expand our own universes. With futures thinking in your toolbox, the future does not have to be scary, it can be an exciting and fulfilling journey if you choose to use the tools to create a future by your design.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– How to get rave reviews
– Reviving the PSASA
– A powerful mantra in a time of loss
– Blogging as therapy
– A significant lesson from failure
– Being a Future Alchemist
– Designing your own job / career
– Re-invention
– We’re all natural futurists
– Training your brain to create the future
– Futures literacy


– The cost of living in the past
– All the rules are broken now, it’s a time to experiment
– How we see time is wrapped up in emotion
– We have agency over our future
– Create the next big opportunity
– Permission to play
– How to trigger new thoughts
– Three things to start futurist thinking today
– Accessibility makes the future exciting
– Designing a more adventurous life
– Be curious

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