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Potent Insights by Author & Mentor, Dr Gladys Ato

Every interaction with Dr Gladys Ato, fondly referred to as an effervescent, leaves you feeling energised, joyous and inspired to extract the juice from life. Author of the book, The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work, Clinical Psychologist, former University President, entrepreneur, mentor and winner of the Women Worth Watching in Education Award, Dr Ato inspires with the story of how she went from childhood hardship, trying to be invisible as an introverted young person and deep self-doubt to becoming a phenomenal and confident force for change in the Latino community and beyond. She broke though confidence barriers and mined the power inside her by saying YES to every opportunity and developed an infectious enthusiasm for life and the power we have to make things happen. Her wisdom, personal experiences and practical approach to living a life of gratitude and abundance carries powerful, life changing lessons for all who want to experience a life of substance. Gladys illustrates the immense value in bridging our spiritual intelligence with our physical intelligence in order to lead from the eye of the storm and bring about positive and lasting change. She shares practical steps on how to say a “good goodbye” whilst still being able to celebrate the positives and opportunities arising from adversity, loss and crisis. She believes we need to be mindful of our children’s needs in order to co-create and shape the required leadership of tomorrow and challenges humanity to re-think and re-prioritise itself at the very heart of business and community.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– Lovebug
– Growing up amidst struggle
– From introvert to Latina leader
– On being a University President
– How to say a ‘Good Goodbye’
– Leading from the eye of the storm


– Co-creating a new style of leadership for the future
– Finding your truth
– Bringing the heart into leadership
– An energising ritual
– Message to the world

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