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Magic to Mega Entrepreneur! An Intriguing Interview with Wes Carlson

Wes Carlson is an entrepreneur with a magic touch. His entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 8 when he turned his love for magic into a business and by his early 20’s had already started and sold a restaurant. His open minded approach, value driven work ethic and relationship focus has enabled him to create business success across many different industries. He challenges the immediate gratification mindset that leads to money struggles and believes that rather than having a bit of candy now, sustained success is created by owning the candy store. Wes’s extraordinary ability to seamlessly run a myriad companies simultaneously makes for a captivating discussion, which is exactly what this episode delivers. From magic to sovereignty, bitcoin and real estate, this is an episode filled with intrigue.

Topics Covered In This Episode

– The World of Magic
– Relationships create opportunities
– The difference between sacrifice and investment
– Low vs high time preference and investing
– Bitcoin


– Fear of rejection
– Creating a competitive advantage in real estate
– High time preference pushes humanity out of business
– Treat what you get with respect & appreciation

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